How To Choose Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Kitchen pendant lighting has to serve several purposes: it has to be functional and practical for working in the kitchen, and it also has to be easy to maintain and keep clean. You will need bright, effective lighting above any workspace in the kitchen, and if the kitchen also has a dining area, you will probably want more ambient lighting above the dining table.

Modern Pendant Lighting

When choosing kitchen pendant lights to be placed above a workspace, think about the practicality of the light. You need bright, focused light to be able to provide enough light as you prepare food or wash the dishes. Bright light bulbs are necessary above worktops. When installing kitchen lights to be used as task lighting above a workspace, you can usually place the light lower than you would in an area that needs more ambient lighting.

When selecting a kitchen light for a dining table, you can be a little more creative and go for decorative lights. Lights that are used to create a mood or an atmosphere are called ambient lights and they come in a wide variety of designs and styles. A single pendant, or several pendants that have been grouped together, can look very good. When installing the pendants, you can place the slightly higher than the lights above a workspace. Make sure the light does not point into anyone’s eyes as people sit around the table and remember that children sit at a different height to grown-ups.

Pendant lights also work well above breakfast bars and counters. For apartments that come with small kitchens and only have a counter or a breakfast bar for eating, a well-selected pendant lighting arrangement can create an atmosphere but also provide adequate task lighting.

Another important aspect is the material the shade is made of. Glass shades are generally the most beautiful and perfect for a dining area. For countertops and above the kitchen sink, acrylic can be a more convenient choice. It does not break as easily as glass, it is easy to wipe clean, and some types of acrylic can even look almost like real glass when the light is switched on. Metal shades are also popular and can look very good in a contemporary kitchen or a bar kitchen.

With such a range of styles, materials, and colors, it is easy to find the right lighting option for all kitchens.